Joker VS Batman: Laughing Madness

Common Fixes

  1. Turn the game off for 60 seconds, and then reapply power.
  2. Confirm that the game has mini pucks (pink and green). Located directly underneath the scoring display.
  3. Confirm that the game has large (red) pucks. Typical failure occurs when players forget to remove the puck, after 45-60 seconds game will error out if the puck is not removed. Remove puck, and power cycle.
  4. Open the end covers to check for debris.
  5. Verify the card reader / coin mechs are operating correctly and coin up on use. Machine will make a noise on successful coin up

Common Error Codes

  • Error 04 – Service Switch Error – Service button malfunction
  • Error 19 – Big Puck Empty Error – Add big Pucks
  • Error 11/12 – Goal Sensor Error – check for jammed puck / foreign object
  • Error 40-44 – S Hopper related errors – contact support

Need additional support?

Download the user manual or get in touch with us!

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